MBLAQ Mir, “There was a fan who came to me with a marriage registration form and wanted to marry me”

20 Dec

MBLAQ Mir talks about an experience when he almost married a fan.

Mir was on SBS ‘SaeBaQwi’ aired on 19th December when he revealed, “I have seen a kid who wanted to marry me.”

Mir revealed that when the topic was about ‘When guys feels most pressured when dating’ and said that. He added, “There was this fan who said she wanted to marry me, and one day she even brought a marriage registration form, her official seal and her parents’ official seal to see me.”

Meanwhile, Mir also revealed on the show that he had once secretly sold their cow, without the knowledge of his parents, to cover the costs of the date with his ex-girlfriend.



YounHa ‘Growing Season Part B’ album jacket revealed

16 Dec

Coming back recently with a new album ‘Growing Season Part B’ and new title song ‘I Broke Up Today’, a new set of album jacket photos for YounHa has been revealed.

Netizens and fans who saw the photos thought that the teenage singer looks much matured now.

More under the cut.

There are also some netizens who are quite whiny about how YounHa has been promoting in Japan so much that she should promote more domestically.

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Taeyeon speaks about stepping down as leader

16 Dec

On the December 15th episode, Taeyeon talked about how it’s so hard to control all 9 people as leader, it’s a burden. She also stated that she’s a very sensitive person so it’s even harder for her to manage. She also talked about an incident.

The incident was where the girls gathered together for a 5 minute talk / meeting. During this talk, everyone looked at her and asked her why she’s not talking with the rest of the group lately. They said, “What’s up with you?” Which caused Taeyeon to go to her room and start crying. Sooyoung went into Taeyeon’s room and wanted to console and talk to her. During this chat, Taeyeon said, “Ok, that’s it. SNSD will no longer have a leader.” When they shared this information with the rest of the girls, the girls all agreed and said that’s fine / cool. They already assumed as if the group were acting without an official leader anyways. Taeyeon then said to the audience, “I thought the girls were going to say… NO! Please still be our leader but they didn’t…” After she said that the audience had a big laugh. However, as they continued talking the members eventually said that Taeyeon should still be leader, but it seems she has a heavy burden on her shoulders as leader.

After this, Eun Jin Won aka G-One called her out by saying, “Taeyeon already knows she’s still going to be leader, nothings going to change.”

After that, there were some jokes headed towards Taeyeon, confirming that Taeyeon isn’t stepping down but rather, she was just thinking about doing so. Hopefully the girls help her out in the near future so it’s not so much of a burden.

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2NE1 Sandara Park, “SeungRi is really cute when he calls me ‘noona’”

13 Dec

2NE1 Sandara Park reveals that she thinks that Big Bang SeungRi is cute when he calls her ‘noona’.

On KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 12th December, Sandara Park was asked “Does Big Bang treat you like a noona?” she answered, “Yes they do. And SeungRi calls ‘noona’ the cutest.” and tried to imitate the way he calls her.

Also the members praised Park Bom on her beautiful leg line while choosing her as the one who goes well with one-piece the best, and Park Bom said, “Really thankful. My legs are well….”

CL said, “I thought there were some fashion items that were scary previously. I would get hurt at my neck after I get off the stage.”

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Jang Geun Suk doesn’t have women lining up for his heart

13 Dec

Star of You’re Beautiful Jang Geuk Suk was interviewed by Entertainment Relay and was asked about his love life.

The news portal asked him, “Have you ever had someone confess their love for you?” When I first heard this, I thought it was kind of ridiculous. How could anyone not have a crush on a popular and good-looking actor?

Instead, Jang Geun Suk gave a shocking confession, responding, “No female stars have.” He quickly changed his answer and said, “There has been one! There has!” Wow! One person, seriously?

He seemed quite excited to admit that. It almost looked like he was surprised by the fact that he had been hit on before.

He continued, “It happened when I was drinking tea. She said, ‘I think I’d be a good match for you.’ But then she never called me after that.”

Jang Geun Suk also made it clear that he was a lot like his character on You’re Beautiful, stating, “I am a bad boy. I feel like I’d have no charm if I were nice to my girlfriend all the time. If I get a girlfriend though, I think I’d do a good job.”

To get back to his other confession, what has this world come to? So few people hit on Jang Geun Suk that he can’t even remember?

Poor guy… at least half of the women in Korea probably want to date him now after You’re Beautiful anyway, right?

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“Idol Girls”, SNSD Copycats in China!

13 Dec

A Chinese group very, maybe too similar to Korea’s proud Girls’ Generation is making headlines!

This Chinese group is called Idol Girls, and they are consisted of 9 girls. Okay, so the number of members can easily be the same, right? But that’s not it. According to a Chinese site, the Idol Girls are an average of 18 years old, and are supposedly talented not only as singers, but as actresses, models, MCs and more.

Meanwhile, cover groups other than the Idol Girls are making even the Girls’ Generation fans do a double take because of the amazing similarity.

So how similar is too similar? Look for yourself. They are seen here posing in similar clothes to SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish” days!

Remember last August when a Chinese singer was called out for copying Girls’ Generation’s choreography? They were so similar that netizens started calling the dance not even a copy, but a parody. Chinese netizens had commented, “If the Koreans saw, they would burst out laughing. I’m embarrassed.”

Girls’ Generation and the Korean netizens may feel bad, but don’t forget!
Immitation is the sincerest flattery

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>>I have nothing against with those girls but then, nothing beats the original… ehehe…<<

2PM at Calvin Klein 2010 show

12 Dec

Earlier today, the boys of 2PM attended the Calvin Klein 2010 Men’s & Women’s Fashion Show. The boys were personally invited and donned black suits for the event.

Maybe these boys will have a Calvin Klein modeling contract in the near future? Thanks to mm for the tip and tosel @ bestiz for the photos. Remember to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums.

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